• Beaches in Albufeira


    Beaches in Albufeira

    The coastline of Albufeira is composed of 25 beaches. The tepid and crystalline waters that captivate bathers from all over the world.

    Over 30 km, the coastline of Albufeira is gifted by magnificent beaches with the most varied morphologies. From imposing cliffs that dominate an extensive strip of golden sand between Vilamoura and Olhos d'Agua, to beaches delimited by dunes and lagoons in the Salgados area, passing through the cut-out beaches and surrounded by cliffs of different sizes.

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    Salgados Beache, appears next of the sandy beach of Praia Grande, to the source of Lagoa dos Salgados, which forms in the terminal section of Ribeira de Espiche.

    Support infrastructures: ample and orderly parking, restaurant, WC, surveillance in the bathing season, accessible beach.



    Gale Beach is located at the eastern end of the bay of Armação de Pêra.

    The characteristic rock formations of the Western Algarve emerge from the sands, providing small coves, nooks and shelters for bathers. To the east dominate the rocky formations and arises an area of meandering pine to crown to the top orange.

    Support Infrastructures: Parking, restaurants, toilets and surveillance during the bathing season, the Galé Leste is Accessible Beach.


    Manuel Lourenço Beach:

    Small beach surrounded by dunes of great natural beauty.

    Support Infrastructures: Parking, restaurant, WC, surveillance ...



    Evaristo Beach: It is a small essentially rocky beach, nestled between low cliffs. Access to the beach is by stairs or wooden ramp.

    Support infrastructures: Parking not tidy, restaurant, WC, surveillance in the bathing season.


    Castelo Beach: The sandy beach of the Castle, nestled between rocks, unfolds in hidden corners and small coves.

    Support infrastructures: Parking not tidy, Access to the beach by stairs or wooden ramp, restaurants, WC and surveillance in the bathing season.


    The Coelha Beach: Nestled between golden cliffs, is a small beach sheltered from winds. Located about 5 kms west of Albufeira, it is a busy beach during the summer.
    Support infrastructures: Rental of awnings / umbrellas / showers


    S. Rafael Beach

    Known for its great beauty, the beach of San Rafael, is close to the localities of small bridge here the elevations of its peculiar cliffs are a spectacle of natural beauty.



    Arrifes Beach

    This beach is located in a well sheltered cove and it is demarca of the other beaches of the county due to the small pine forest and remarkable rock formations. The beach of Arrifes besides being watched during the summer also has a parking nearby and also restaurants.