• Why buy in Algarve

    If you live in Portugal or intend to move to this country, consider Algarve as one of the best regions to invest in.

    “Buy low sell high..”

    One of the Golden rules of the financial sector, dictates to buy cheap and sell at a higher price, this turns Portugal and particularly the Algarve region, in a very desirable location to invest in.As a result of the crises, the real estate sector still maintains values well below market cost, even after the economy starts to show small signals of growth. During this period, Portugal implemented initiatives for foreign investment, such as the Non Habitual Resident regime or the Golden Visa.

    The sunny Algarve

    Of all the regions of Portugal, Algarve is one of the most visited and possesses one of the most luxurious regions of the whole country. In the last decade, seasonality has been a factor given by the turistic sector, however now with this new incentives, that may change, and Algarve may become more and more searched by retirees, pensioners and even families that benefit from foreign sourced profits. The truth is that it isn't only the fiscal benefits that attract them, but also the weather, security and several business opportunities that Algarve presents.

    While the life cost remais high for Portuguese people, this is not the case for foreigners or people who are accustomed the other European economies, where in this case, Portugal is truly a economical heaven.

    The truth is that life cost is substancially lower when compared with France, UK, Spain, Italy, or Germany, specially the real estate sector.

    And of course, who doesn’t love Sun, beach and Fun? Algarve is in reality one of the best regions where the Sun is a constant… and while many choose this region to spend the summer, Algarve has one of the best winter weather of all Europe.

    If you don’t know it yet, come and visit us!