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    Faro - Capital of Algarve

    History of Faro

    Over the centuries Faro was under several areas in the IV century B.C, Ossonoba, (it was called), today Faro, was one of the most important urban centers in the south of Portugal.

    Later between centuries II and VIII B.C A.D., the city was under Roman rule and Visigoth, and in year of 713 came the Moors. In 1143 the 1st King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, expelled the Moors.

    About 100 years later D. Afonso III, designated the city name of Santa Maria de Faaron. In the century XV, D. Manuel I, in 1496 expels the Jews if they did not convert to the catholicism. Then, D. Afonso III, about 100 years later, designated the city of Santa Maria de Faaron. In 1496, D. Manuel I, expels the Jews if they did not convert to the catholicism.

    This Monarch promoted, in 1499, a profound change town planning with the creation of new equipment in the city - one hospital, the Church of Mercy, Customs, and Butcher. In 1540, D. João III elected Faro to city.

    But 20 years later the Lord of Essex in 1596, comes with British troops and caused high damage to property and equipment in the city.

    The 17th and 18th centuries are a period of expansion for Faro.

    By the end of the century. XIX, the city remained within the limits of the Sixteenth Century Fence. Its gradual growth has been increasing in recent decades.

    Faro nowadays
    Sun, beach, and happiness, is how you feel the magic of the Capital of Algarve Faro, and in hand, with history, heritage, culture, and nature.

    Faro, history, heritage, and tradition, the city a cosmopolitan center with entertainment, shops and restaurants, retaining its original charm.

    For Golf enthusiasts, here are a few golf courses, Pinheiros Altos, Quinta do Lago Sul, Quinta do Lago Norte, Laranjal, Royal and Ocean, with Real Estate opportunities For all these reasons the demand for real estate in Faro is so accentuated by investors from all over the world who see Faro as an excellent opportunity.

    Aerial Video of Faro


    The Real Estate sector of Faro

    Faro is the beach destination of choice. This cosmopolitan city is extended by one of the natural wonders of the region, we are talking about the Ria Formosa Natural Park .

    With an area of more than 60 km, formed by lagoons, dunes, and magnificent beaches. The calm waters of Faro's beaches attract, swimmers and watersports enthusiasts. From Faro Island with its bars, restaurants and luxury accommodation.

    In Faro, the international demand for real estate has risen in the last year, thanks to fiscal incentives combined with the quality of life for the privileged location of Faro, or for the valuation of real estate in the short term.

    There are many real estate properties in Faro, ranging from small properties with very affordable prices to real estate properties that have maintained their cultural legacy, as well as luxurious contemporary developments.

    The airport and the municipal stadium are a few examples that mark the city's very modern contours.